A brief history…

The building was erected in the 1870s. During World War One, beer was brewed here for the soldiers.

Back then, Gijverinkhove was a ‘repose’ (a rest centre) for soldiers who fought on the front line and the village flourished. To illustrate this: there were 29 inns in the village back in 1922, 9 in the year 1972 and, now, just 2, if you include the Community Centre which is always open after Mass. In other words, Gijverinkhove used to be a busting centre of activity.

The Tale of the Three Knights is another fascinating and captivating story that I would like to share with you. For those interested, a few books and photos about Gijverinkhove (both then and now) are available on request.

Furthermore, I would like to offer you an optional hike, of about 5 km, that will take us through the local area. You’ll be able to admire, with your own eyes, the magnificent historic buildings and sites, after which the rooms in the holiday home are named (all except the ‘Pump’ and ‘The Windmill as these historic sites are located in East-Vleteren).